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Why Bamboo?

In our quest for the perfect, softest, most absorbent light weight towel - we decided to use Bamboo fabrics. Bamboo fabric boasts numerous advantages that are worth exploring. Not only is it incredibly soft, surpassing the smoothness of silk and providing unparalleled comfort, but it also possesses antibacterial properties, resists wrinkles, and exhibits eco-friendly characteristics when produced sustainably.

It's no surprise that bamboo fabric has gained widespread popularity. So, let's delve into the remarkable advantages of bamboo fabric & why we chose to use it in our one of a kind, Friday Harbour Cloud Towel.

  1. Unmatched Softness: Bamboo fabric offers a luxuriously soft feel, seemingly floating lightly on your skin. The round structure of bamboo fibers ensures a smooth texture, free from any rough elements that could cause irritation.

  2. Breathable Comfort: Thanks to microscopic holes in the fiber, bamboo fabric provides excellent ventilation. This helps you stay fresh for longer periods, reducing the frequency of washing and promoting a sustainable wardrobe by extending the lifespan of your clothing.

  3. Ideal for Hot Weather: Bamboo fabric's thermoregulatory properties ensure a cool sensation during hot weather. The material's breathability and moisture-wicking nature offer ultimate comfort on scorching days, making a bamboo shirt a cooler alternative to cotton.

  4. Effective Insulation: Bamboo fabric's thermoregulatory qualities also help keep you warm in colder weather, making it suitable for all seasons. The cross-sectional fibers assist in retaining heat on chilly days, making bamboo warmer than cotton when temperatures drop.

  5. Moisture-Wicking: Bamboo fabric excels at swiftly wicking moisture away from your skin, ensuring comfort and dryness. Its superior breathability makes it ideal for sportswear or intimate clothing, outperforming cotton. Notably, bamboo garments dry twice as fast as cotton and are three times more absorbent.

  6. Antibacterial Properties: Bamboo fabric is reputedly antibacterial, combating odors and keeping your garments fresh for longer periods. Fewer washes result in prolonged clothing lifespan, contributing to a more eco-friendly closet.

  7. UV Protection: Bamboo fabric naturally shields you from harmful UV radiation, filtering up to 97.5% of the sun's rays.

  8. Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Hypoallergenic by nature, bamboo is an excellent choice for sensitive skin, as it rarely causes allergic reactions. We use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label to ensure the absence of harmful substances in the fabric, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

  9. Wrinkle-Resistant: Bamboo possesses the remarkable ability to resist wrinkling, even after frequent washing. This quality reduces the need for ironing, making it a convenient choice and contributing to energy conservation.

  10. Sustainable Crop: Bamboo is a crop that can be grown sustainably, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

By embracing bamboo fabric, you can indulge in a world of comfort, health-consciousness, and sustainability with Friday Harbour Lifestyle Company.

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