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Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

My name is Heather and I am the founder of Friday Harbour Lifestyle Company. This venture began with a belief that something exceptional was missing from our beach-side community lifestyle. This company is a heartfelt quest to uncover a treasure that I believe was waiting to be discovered. 

Not too long ago we moved our family and settled in a picturesque West Coast beach community and I quickly grew tired of the hassle of carrying around soggy, bulky towels. What bothered me even more was how my little ones' sensitive skin would become irritated by the rough textures of traditional beach towels. I couldn't help but want for something more luxurious, organic, and exquisitely soft. A towel that not only met the "basic requirements" but surpassed them.

And so, my quest for the softest and most gentle towel began. Each time I thought I had found a suitable option, it proved to be either bulky, rough, or disappointingly unabsorbent. Undeterred, I delved deep into the world of fabrics, linens, and organic materials...unraveling their unique advantages and benefits. Exploring an array of textures, weaves, and manufacturing processes became my daily pursuit, fuelled by my unwavering commitment to find the exceptional quality I hoped to find to use for my children.

Through conversations with skilled manufacturers and artisans, I came to a realization: the towel I envisioned could not simply be found; it had to be created. Over time I developed a remarkable combination of organic bamboos that promised to be lightweight, absorbent, and unimaginably soft and cozy—a combination that surpassed my expectations.

Driven by my unwavering passion for this project and a deep desire to share its incredible benefits with others, I brought my vision to life. It was then that Friday Harbour Lifestyle Company was born. Not only do we offer the very same towels that I use on my own children, family members, and friends, but we also share an age-old secret that we have been using for dozens of years: our sand-removing, talc-free powder, a tried-and-true solution we have relied on for countless beach endeavours.

At Friday Harbour Lifestyle Company, we are committed to more than just providing impeccable products; we aim to share an experience—an embodiment of the beach lifestyle in its purest form. We invite you to join us in embracing the beauty of our organic towels, crafted with utmost care and affection. Let us whisk you away to a world of unparalleled softness, where the sand effortlessly slips away and the gentle touch of luxurious fabric brings joy and comfort to your everyday moments.

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